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What is the Earth Air and Art Fair?

The Earth, Air and Art Fair is an engaging and interactive online celebration of nature and the creativity that it inspires. Passionate wildlife artists, photographers and experts will share their love of the natural world, as well as selling their wares and services, with 10% from all sales being donated to the Save Me Trust to help them protect the creatures we all adore and the habitats they need for survival.

When will the fair run?

The fair will run from 12pm on Friday the 4th to 11pm on Sunday the 13th of November 2022.

How will the fair run?

The fair is hosted by Beneath the Badger Tree and will run on its own dedicated section of the website. The main page acts like a virtual village hall. This is where the visitors will arrive and can get an overview of all the different “stalls” from their banner and description.

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Each contributor will have a virtual stall where they can add their content and product info/links etc., which visitors can enter by clicking their banner. Visitors can have a browse around each stall to learn about the contributor and the products and services they offer, then if they think they would like to do some shopping they will click through to that contributor’s own website to make their purchases.

Earth, Air and Art Fair stall screenshot

Their stall is the place where each contributor will tell the story of their business, engage with visitors and show their wares and services. It is in a forum format so contributors can add a variety of posts which can include videos, photos, files and even polls. This will all be done in advance of the fair opening, giving contributors plenty of time to plan and create content. Visitors can log in to leave comments on the posts, so can interact, ask questions and get a deeper insight.


You can see sample stalls here to give you an idea of how it looks and works.

Who can participate?

The Earth, Air and Art Fair is open to UK based artists, craftspeople, wildlife experts and photographers who sell products and/or run courses and workshops online through their own website or marketplace shop and meet the eligibility requirements.*

Donations to the Save Me Trust

Each contributor that is making sales through the fair must enter into a commercial participation agreement with the Save Me Trust to donate 10% of all relevant sales throughout the entire duration of the fair via the Work for Good service. The service is quick and straightforward to sign up to and covers all the legal requirements needed for making charity donations from commercial sales. 

How do I apply for a stall?

If you would like to apply to become a contributor at the Earth, Air and Art fair then please read the Contributor Terms and Conditions to check eligibility. If your business meets the criteria and you are happy to agree with the Terms and Conditions then you can submit an application via the "Apply now" button below.


Applications close on Sunday the 21st of August 2022 and successful applicants will be informed by Friday the 26th of August 2022.


Please give me a shout at jane@beneaththebadgertree.com if you have any questions.

How much does it cost?

There is a £10 stall fee for the fair, £2.50 of which will be donated to the Save Me Trust via Work For Good, the rest will be spent on advertising the fair

Contributor Terms and Conditions



To be eligible to participate in the Earth, Air and Art Fair you must:

  • Create wildlife and/or nature inspired artwork/crafts/photography/workshops/courses.

  • Be based in the UK.

  • Have a way of taking online orders and processing online payments. This can be your own website or a marketplace shop.

  • Have legally compliant terms/policies (including data protection, e-privacy and returns).

  • Have any necessary insurance to cover your products, services and activities.


(If you would like any help getting policies in place drop me an email to jane@beneaththebadgertree.com and I can send you links to guidance.)

Products/services for sale

Products and services may include:

  • Handmade artwork/crafts.

  • Prints of your original artwork/photography.

  • Manufactured products featuring your own original artwork/photography.

  • Digital products featuring your own original artwork/photography.

  • Wildlife and/or nature inspired courses and workshops.


Products for sale must not infringe anybody else's intellectual property.


All products must meet relevant safety and labelling legal requirements.

Taking orders

Individual contributors are responsible for taking and fulfilling their orders and for customer communication relating to their business.


Individual contributors are responsible for meeting any legal requirements for their sales and activities.

Donations to charity

All contributors must agree to donate 10% of the sale price of each item/service sold through the fair throughout the whole duration of the fair. 


Contributors must sign up to the Work for Good service and enter into a commercial participator agreement with the Save Me Trust through that service by Sunday 11th September, and before promoting your participation in the event. If you don’t already have an account please also mention that you were recommended the service by Beneath the Badger Tree so I will get a further £5 per new registration to donate to the charity.


Throughout the course of the fair all products/services you are making donations from should clearly state the charity name, the percentage donation and the fact that you are donating via Work For Good. This can be done as a pop up or banner on your website, as long as you clearly state which products/services qualify.


You MUST NOT use the charity logo.


You must include a solicitation statement with all orders sent out, detailing the amount or percentage donated to the charity via Work for Good, or email it to customers who purchased digital/online orders.


Contributors are responsible for tracking orders taken through the fair, calculating the amount they should donate, and keeping records of these sales and donation amounts should they need to provide them to the charity.


Within 7 working days of the event finishing, contributors must make the donation to the Save Me Trust via the Work for Good service.

Creating your stall

All contributors should sign up to the Earth, Air and Art Fair forum on the Beneath the Badger Tree website by Sunday 11th September.


Contributors should fill out their virtual stall, creating an engaging place for attendees to hang out, by Sunday 30th October.


Contributors should create a welcome post introducing their business, with contact information, the relevant links and including information about the charity donations. This post should be pinned to the top of your stall.


More than just a selling event, we want the fair to be an exciting, engaging and interactive experience for those attending. To do this we hope that everybody will create great content for the event alongside information about their products/services.


Contributors should be prepared to include at least three pieces of varied content in their virtual stall. These may include things like:

  • Product pictures/videos.

  • Work in progress pictures/videos.

  • Practical demonstrations.

  • Tutorials.

  • Behind the scenes pics.

  • About the artist interview.

  • Things that inspire your artwork.

  • Lifestyle pictures of your products.


Contributors should check in regularly with notifications throughout the event to respond to comments and questions. 

Social media presence and promoting the event

In the weeks running up to and during the event, contributors should actively promote the Earth, Air and Art Fair across their social media channels and in newsletters if they send them. 


Contributors with Facebook pages will be added as contributors to the Facebook event page and should add the event to their own business Facebook page. You can then post in the event page discussion in the run up to the fair.


It would be lovely to share other contributors’ content too. We’re here to lift each other up.

The Earth, Air and Art Fair Clan

Contributors can join the private Facebook group for contributors so we can talk about ideas and make plans for the event. Please set notifications to “All posts” so that you don’t miss anything important.

Applying to sell in the event

If you would like to be a participating seller in the event then please fill out the application form below. Spaces are limited. Applications close on Sunday the 21st of August. You shall be informed whether your application has been successful by Friday the 26th of August.


There is a £10 stall fee (£2.50 of which will be donated to the Save Me Trust via Work For Good). Successful applicants will be invoiced and payment must be made by Sunday 4th of September. If payment is not made by this date the stall may be offered to another applicant.

Withdrawing from the event

If you find you are unable to participate in the event, please let us know as soon as possible. If you withdraw or are asked to withdraw after the 11th September your stall fee may not be refunded.

Failure to meet the conditions set out in these Terms and Conditions

If you fail to meet the conditions and deadlines set out in these terms and conditions then you may be asked to withdraw from the fair. Your stall fee may not be refunded.