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Down beneath the badger tree the tiny smile bringers are gathering and getting ready to deliver smiles to those you love.


A year's worth of Tiny Smiles Club membership can be gifted to someone you care about to guarantee them a smile each month. A perfect way to lift somebody up and show them that you are always thinking about them.


Your nominated recipient will receive a gift card welcoming them to the Tiny Smiles Club and explaining what to expect, which will also include your personal gift message. They will then receive a surprise tiny creature to bring them a smile each month until they have received all twelve smile bringers. They also get a discount code for 20% off throughout the shop for each month. 


Please include the recipients details in the "Shipping Address" section at the checkout. Please make sure you have permission to share this information before submitting it.


This is a one off payment and will not automatically renew. If you'de like the recipient to continue to receive smiles after the 12 month period you will need to purchase another subscription at that time. Check out the Tiny Smiles Club page for the fine details.


Photographs show examples so you get an idea of the type of creature that will be coming to live with you. You WILL NOT receive the ornaments in the pictures, they will be created new each month. 


Tiny smile bringers will have a minimum retail value of £24.

Tiny Smiles Club Year Gift Membership

  • The smile bringers are usually smaller than 2.5cm high.

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