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Hi, I'm Jane

I'm a picker of daisies, a chaser of butterflies and a maker of tiny pretty things.

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What a Wonderful World

I grew up in a very creative family in a big old house surrounded by fields on the Lancashire/Yorkshire border in North West England. The morning birdsong was my alarm clock, the streams and meadows were my playground.

My passion for nature started at a very young age with Bulby the spider who I used to chat to as a toddler. My mum thought I had an imaginary friend who lived on the landing, turned out he was very real but just very tiny. This fascination with wildlife only grew as I did (well really it grew more than I did because I only reached a whopping 4’ 10” fully grown!). Every single hole in the ground seemed like an entrance to a mysterious world of wonder and I dreamt of being even smaller so that I could go and explore those tiny tunnels with the wild things that lived there.

My passion for nature has always been the inspiration for my creation. I have spent a lifetime adoring our beautiful British wildlife and I love to make mini works of art that celebrate the wonderful creatures we walk this land with. Life can be very complicated, especially as adults, so I aim to make tiny treasures that connect with the inner child, the part of you who just wants to splash in the streams, run through the meadows and poke your nose down the rabbit holes to see who’s home.

I have been working with polymer clay since I was a young child and, being self-taught, have developed my design and sculpting skills through hard earned experience. I believe in the value of truly unique handmade creations and I never use moulds to make the creatures, just basic sculpting tools and, for the most part, my own fingertips. I always strive for perfection, whether making a one-of-a-kind piece or a batch of twenty pieces, and I put a little bit of my heart into each and every tiny animal I make so that they can bring smiles to their forever homes.

More Than Just Pretty Things

Not only do I want to celebrate our wonderful wildlife, but I also want to help protect it. I donate to several charities from the sale of my curious creatures, making them a gift for their species too.


This selection of jewellery and gifts is made for nature lovers by a nature lover and the important business of caring for our planet is a responsibility I take very seriously. I try to keep waste and energy use to a minimum and my packaging is all recycled and recyclable.

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