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I have created a selection of e-cards based on some little wildlife families, which you can download, add a message and email to a loved one for free! Just click the picture of the animal family you'd like to download, then 'Go to link' to download the Word document.


Once you have opened the file you will need to 'Enable editing' then simply click where directed and add your message. You will be limited with the number of lines you can add on the picture.


Once you have finished adding your message, save the document as a PDF file then you can send it via email (and several other messaging platforms) to your loved ones.

Polite Copyright notice - Please keep in mind that these designs are entirely my own (and took me a long time and a lot of care to create). I have put them on here for your own personal use and you may edit and send as a PDF as many as you like, but I do not give permission for the images or Word files to be shared, copied, sold or altered in any way.


Thank you.

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