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Giving a Little Back

Wildlife conservation has always been important to me. From being a young child I have supported wildlife charities and tried to raise awareness about the need to protect our natural environment, and the flora and fauna it hosts. This is something I continue to do (and now so do my children). Cherishing and protecting our wonderful world is integral to all that I do as a person, creator, and business owner.


My ultimate aim is to sell through a range of wildlife and conservation charity gift shops to help celebrate and share the joy of our British wildlife, but also to help raise even more precious funds for their protection and conservation in the wild.

I have always been utterly intrigued by the mysterious lives of badgers, and saddened by their persecution. I am passionately opposed to the UK badger culls and want to help to protect these wonderful creatures from the unjust cruelty that is inflicted upon them.


I donate from £2 from the sale of each badger I sculpt to both the Badger Trust and the Lancashire Badger Group support their valuable work protecting our beautiful native badgers and fighting the badger cull.

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