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Down beneath the badger tree there lives a menagerie of tiny wild things just waiting to make you smile.

Here's how it works

Each month a different tiny creature will venture out on a journey and find its way through the letter box of Tiny Smiles Club members to make their days a little cheerier.


These little guys are lovingly handmade and have their own quirky character. They are beautifully packaged and come complete with a discount code for 20% throughout the shop too.


You can choose to receive the tiny treasure yourself, gift the membership to someone you love, or even nominate someone you care about to receive and individual month's treasure if you feel that they are in need of a little lift right now.


The fine details

The Tiny Smiles Club is open to UK recipients only.


There is no additional delivery charge for Tiny Smiles Club items.


Smile bringers will have a minimum retail value of £24.


Tiny treasures will be delivered at the beginning of the month following first payment, then at the beginning of each following month.


Payments for the Monthly and Yearly Membership are recurring and will be taken monthly or yearly after your first payment, depending on your chosen subscription. You can cancel your membership at any time. If you cancel your yearly membership before your year's membership has ended you will still receive smile bringers for the duration of the year you have already paid for.


Payment for the Year Gift Membership is a one off. If you want the recipient to continue to receive smile bringers after the year membership has ended you will need to purchase again.


Items received may be returned as laid out in my Refund and Cancellation Policy. You will receive a refund equal to one month's subscription if you return an item in its unused condition (£22 if you pay monthly, £21 if you pay yearly).


Personal details will be processed as laid out in my Privacy Information.


If you are purchasing Gift Membership please enter the recipient's delivery details at the checkout. 


You can nominate somebody to receive an individual month's smile bringer by emailing me with the recipient's address details by the 27th of the month. Please note that recipients of an individual smile bringer will not receive a gift card welcoming them to the Tiny Smiles Club. No gift notes are included in the package so please let the recipient know you have nominated them (surprise gifts are lovely, but anonymous ones can be scary).


If you are gifting a membership or an individual month's delivery then please make sure you have permission to share the recipients details. 


Discount codes are are valid on all in-stock items and are exclusively for the use of Tiny Smiles Club members or their nominated gift recipients.


In the event that I have to raise the price of Tiny Smiles Club membership I shall give at least one month notice via email so you can decide whether to continue your membership.

Choose your membership

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