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Badger and pika wedding ring holder with boulders and wildflowers

Are you looking for something uniquely yours?

The real beauty of handmade is that you can get something made which is just for you, nobody else in the world will ever own one like it.


I really love making your ideas come to life to create the perfect treasure for that perfect moment. Whether is it a particular animal, a favourite flower or a colour combination, we can work together to make it just right.

If you're anything like me you often have an idea in your mind of the perfect thing you're after before you even start looking, then are often disappointed when that thing doesn't seem to exist. 


Whether you're looking for a special piece of jewellery, an ornament to celebrate a particular moment or a cake topper for a special occasion, together we can create something that will hold memories and tell stories that will pass down though generations.

How it works


It all starts with a conversation. I want to hear your thoughts and hopes for what you would like your beautiful thing to turn out like. Which animals, flowers or accessories and colours do you want to feature? Do you want to capture movement or interaction between animals? Are we basing the design on a beloved pet or a favourite soft toy? If so then photos are essential, the more angles the better. Rough sketches are really useful, either you can do them or I can based on what you tell me, so we know we're following the same plan.


Once we've settled on a final design I shall work out a quote and set a processing time. If you're happy then I shall set up a custom listing for you. These are hidden from my shop and cannot be found in searches so only someone with the link can view the details.

Once the listing has been purchased I shall go ahead and start making the treasure. I take photographs at each stage to get the OK from you before I progress onto the next stage. When the design is finished I will send final photos through for approval before posting.

Let's plan your treasure

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