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Recycled Christmas Card Box Tutorial

Here is a cute way to recycle your old Christmas cards by making them into lovely tree decorations which contain a hidden surprise.


To make these treat box Christmas decorations all you need is an old Christmas card, a pen, a ruler, some scissors, sticky tape and a ribbon (this one was a hanging loop I cut out of a jumper, making the entire decoration a recycled treat).

These boxes are so fun to make, you'll end up with more than you know what to do with. They make lovely little gift boxes too if you miss out the ribbon. After making a few you'll find yourself looking at every card you receive to see if it will make a pretty box.


We like to put little chocolate treats in each one then invite children to find one when they visit.

Box decoration.jpg
Stocking decoration

Tiny Christmas Stocking Tutorial

These little Christmas stockings make lovely tree decorations. I have included templates for three different size stockings, these tiny ones that will fit a little chocolate treat, a slightly larger one which will fit a whole chocolate bar, and a larger one which will fit a few little gifts. For the larger stockings you will want to use a ribbon as a hanger. Just stitch it to the top corner after you have finished stitching the stocking, you could even put a button or a bell on where it joins to add a little finesse.


I have used the fabric from some old worn out leggings, but any fabric that doesn't fray will do. An old fleecy pair of Christmas pajamas would be perfect, or some lovely felt if you want more choice with colours. You will also want some embroidery thread in a matching or contrasting colour, a darning needle and a nice sharp pair of scissors.

If you want to add embellishments, like buttons, ribbons or appliques, onto the front of your stockings then do that before stitching the two sides together.


You could even go crazy and make an advent calendar out of them (once upon a time I made 48 of these, taking a total of around two whole days!).

Stocking advent calendar
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