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Down beneath the badger tree the cubs are coming out to play.


Mum pokes her nose out first, to check the scents and sounds blowing by on the breeze. “Wait a moment little ones, first we must make sure that it’s safe”. As soon as mum clears the entrance, Fern comes bundling out. Turning back to her shy, more hesitant brother she yells, “Come on Ash, race you to the big log”. After a moment’s pause, the excitement of the wild outside outweighs his caution and he runs after his sister, so fast that he nearly tumbles.


Rolling her eyes, mum thinks to herself, “I wonder if they’ll stay out of trouble long enough for me to change their bedding”. 




The cute badgers have been lovingly handmade from high quality polymer clay. Each part has been individually hand sculpted with love and care, making it as unique as the animal lover who will own it.


This little badger ornament comes packaged in a recycled-card gift box, so it is ready to make somebody's day.


This badger family is gift that gives twice. I donate £2 to the Lancashire Badger Group and £2 to the Badger Trust from each badger I sell to help them protect these lovelies in the wild. A gift with a heart, it really will make any wildlife lover's day.

Badger Family Ornament

    • Polymer clay
    • Glass micro marbles
    • Recycled card
    • Jute
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