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Badgers with dandelion polymer clay sculpture.


Waiting for a Wish


We have a wish.

We wish to walk the night.

We wish for the guns to quiet.

We wish for them to listen to the science.

We wish for them to see the evidence.

We wish for them to use reason.

We wish for the lies to end.

We wish for the persecution to stop.

We wish we were safe.

We're just waiting for a wish.


This exclusive one of a kind sculpture features two tiny badgers hopefully sitting beneath a dandelion, waiting for a wish. They tell a story of hurt and fear, of anger and frustration. But they hold onto hope, the hope for a brighter future for our badgers and all wildlife. Beauty grown out of heart break, like a dandelion pushing through concrete. We will never stop fighting.


A gift for their kind, I donate £2 to the Lancashire Badger Group and £2 to the Badger Trust from each badger I sell to help them protect our lovely wild badgers and fight the cull.


This badger with dandelion sculpture comes packaged in a lovely recycled card gift box with a certificate of authenticity.


This ornament would also make a lovely, unique, rustic wedding cake topper for a badger loving couple, that could be kept forever to symbolise your passion for each other and for our wildlife.


You can watch this polymer clay scuplture come to life on my YouTube playlist.

Badgers with Dandelion Ornament Wedding Cake Topper - Waiting for a Wish

    • Polymer clay
    • Glass micro marbles
    • Wood
    • Recycled card
    • Jute ribbon
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