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This tiny mole ornament with its foraged fungi is the ideal treat for a lover of adorable animals.


Did you know that the mushroom is only the fruiting body of a fungus? The real magic goes on underground in the soily world where the moles dwell. Here the fungal threads called mycelium weave their intricate web, connecting the roots of plants as they go, creating the wood wide web.


The cute mole has been lovingly handmade from high quality polymer clay. Each part has been individually hand sculpted with love and care, making it as unique as the animal lover who will own it.


This little mole ornament can be packaged in a recycled-card gift box, so it is ready to make somebody's day.


This little one is a tiny smile bringer. Take a peek at the Tiny Smiles Club to find out how you can receive a guaranteed smile every month.

Mole Ornament with Fly Agaric Mushroom

    • Polymer clay
    • Glass micro marbles
    • Recycled card
    • Jute
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