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Set of three adorable mountain hare ornaments with beautiful pastel coloured roses.

These three tiny mountain hares in their white winter coats are playing hide and seek in the roses. Each hare is individually hand sculpted from sparkly snowy white polymer clay, and each is entirely unique with its own adorable character.


The hares each hold a pastel coloured rose - yellow, pink and purple, which has also been hand sculpted petal by petal from carefully blended polymer clay. The roses look like the real thing, but they will last forever and never wilt. The perfect way to show somebody that you will love them forever.


These little white hares come beautifully packaged and ready to give in a gorgeous recycled-card gift box with a choice of gift tag.

Mountain Hare Ornaments with Roses

    • Polymer clay
    • Glass micro marbles
    • Recycled card
    • Jute
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