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Red deer pair with yellow staghorn fungus ornament


Where the Wild Stags Roar


Shall we go exploring?

Let’s walk in the woods today. 

We’ll prowl the misty morning,

Through a thousand shades of grey. 


The sun will rise, light up the skies,

And paint the leaves bright flame.

The wind will whip them from their hold,

To fall, a golden rain. 


As we delve amongst the treasures 

Breaking through the littered floor,

We’ll feel the rumble in the air. 

As we hear the wild stags roar.


This exclusive one of a kind sculpture features a red deer stag and hind with a yellow staghorn fungus.


This deer sculpture comes packaged in a lovely recycled card gift box with a certificate of authenticity.

Red Deer with Staghorn Fungus Ornament

    • Polymer clay
    • Glass micro marbles
    • Wood
    • Wire
    • Recycled card
    • Jute ribbon
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