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We've dug the earth,

Climbed branches high,

So tell me darling,

Can we fly?


The sky is the limit with these adventurous little red squirrels. They are exploring some intricately made, life sized fly agaric mushrooms and pondering their possibilities.


When we were in Whinfell Forest we found a fly agaric mushroom with nibble marks in it, it got me wondering whether squirrels eat them and if they feel the psychoactive effects, we kept our eyes peeled for any squirrels that looked like they were away with the fairies! It stuck with me and inspired this piece.


This one of a kind sculpture would make a charming and unique wedding cake topper for a wildlife loving couple who love to adventure, that can be displayed forever as a lasting keepsake of the special day.


It comes packaged in a lovely recycled card gift box for safe transporting and storage, with a certificate of authenticity.

Red Squirrel Ornament with Fly Agaric Mushrooms - Can We Fly

    • Polymer clay
    • Glass micro marbles
    • Wood
    • Recycled card
    • Jute
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