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Blame it on the badger - The engagement ring box for Tom and Kathryn

Early last year I came up with the idea for one of my favourite products, a range of quirky and cute little keepsake engagement ring boxes. Each one features a tiny animal presenting an even tinier bunch of flowers. I decided that it would be a really nice idea to offer the opportunity for people to be able to personalise their ring boxes with maybe a favourite animal, type of flower or colour combination.

At the time I didn’t realise what joy these little boxes were going to bring into my life. I have been honoured to work with some very romantic people indeed, and have been inspired by their love and dedication to creating that perfect proposal.

Red squirrel engagement ring box

One of my very first customised engagement ring box orders came from Tom. He wanted something extra special for his proposal to Kathryn, and after searching through Etsy’s finest (including a Tardis complete with flashing light and a box made from a polished tree branch) he happened upon my badger keepsake ring box.

Well you see, there is a story behind the badger and it is best told by the couple themselves.

“Ahhhh, the badger in the box! Well, badgers have become an in-joke between Tom and Kat.

Long distance relationships (Leicester - Somerset) can be tough, particularly the drive home at the end of a weekend.

All too frequently a text would arrive claiming 'The badger threw a KFC in my mouth!' or 'Ate sweets, the badger made me do it!'. Soon that cheeky badger was responsible for numerous antics that we possibly oughtn't have done!

Recently Kat celebrated her birthday with Tom with a trip to Secret World to see the baby badgers up close and watch the older badgers in their set.Simply put, they love the badgers!”

(Taken from The Adventures and Tales of TomKat -

We changed the flower colour, and the text on both the front of the box and the ring holder base to make it absolutely personal for Kathryn. Tom’s adoration for his lovely lady shone through in his attention to detail. I didn’t realise at the time quite how much detail required Tom’s attention for this proposal.

Customised engagement ring box

I was over the moon when, after receiving the ring box, Tom sent me photos of the box with the actual engagement ring he was going to propose with in the holder. What a treat, to see one of my creations put to such a special use. Of course I asked if I would be able to share the pictures once he’d proposed to Kathryn, and he said he’d be happy for me to. He would let me know when, there was no chance I would be letting any cats (or badgers) out of any bags.

I wasn’t prepared for what came next (and I’m pretty sure Kathryn wasn’t either). I was awaiting an email to say I could go ahead with the pictures, what I received was an email with a video link. I can honestly say that when I realised what I was about to witness I was so excited I could feel my heart pounding.

When you bring handmade and unique creations into being you put your heart and soul into them, each one carries a piece of you with it when you pack it up and send it off. You wonder about how they get on, do people cherish them, were the painstaking hours appreciated, and with these engagement ring boxes, did they say 'yes'? A photograph of a finished piece in its forever home will put the biggest smile on the face of any artist. A video of the proposal made using a ring box I created?!? It’s like the handcrafter’s holy grail.

And this wasn't just any old proposal. Well you don’t need my words to describe the wonderful moment, here it is.

I have been back in touch with Tom before writing this post, and I’m delighted to tell you they shall be married this year in the venue that held both their first date and their oh so special proposal, Wells Cathedral.

Kathryn with her engagement ring

I feel privileged to have been able to play a part in their fairytale, and I wish both Tom and Kathryn a very happy forever together.

If you're interesting in working with me to create a very unique ring box for your special proposal then take a peek at my Ring Box page to get an idea of what can be done, then give me a shout and together we'll make something unforgettable.

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