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White rabbit engagement ring box

Recycled card engagement ring box

Most people know now that my favourite part of my job is making customised engagement ring boxes. I love the feeling that I'm in on a big secret (and I'm often the only other person that actually knows all about it). But more than that, I love being able to work with people that are so dedicated and enthusiastic about making their special moment absolutely perfect.

And I haven't met many people who are more passionate about their love than Devin.

Making of the white rabbit engagement ring box

The white rabbit and the rose were the basis of the design, then with a lot of discussion we decided on the best way to incorporate her favourite colours into the box.

The result was a proposal ring box that was both striking and cute, just perfect for Devin's honey bunny.

Proposal ring box with white rabbit keepsake ring holder

I made the ring box earlier this year, for it to arrive (almost half way around the world) in time for them departing on a very special trip indeed.

Just last week I received this message, and I literally

had happy tears in my eyes as I read it. I challenge you to read it with dry eyes too.

"She loved the bunny box!!! thank you for making this moment so special. So I took the family out out to dinner at a really nice restaurant and gave them the letter in their native language that I had a friend translate, in the letter I told them about how much I loved their daughter and how I'd always love, cherish, honor and adore her... they gladly gave me permission for her hand in marriage. Later that night I snuck the bunny box into my cargo shorts pocket and we went out onto our balcony overlooking the resort, we were just embracing and watching the beautiful night sky and looking at the lagoon outside of our room, when I started reciting the poem I had written just the night before while laying next to her, she was asleep but holding my hand, so I used one had to type this poem.

I love you more than life its self and I may not have a lot of wealth but if your heart is mine I'll be rich until the end of time For 5 years now you've owned my heart I loved you from the very start I saw your smile and joy washed over me I knew right then you were my wife to be Didn't know when the time was right but your love helped me see the light You came back when I set you free because you found true love in me the time we've shared is ever in my mind to all other women I am truly blind I promise to be always true my heart and soul I give to you accompanied by this precious ring I only want your heart to sing filled with joy, it echos throughout time Devine Napoles would you please be mine She said yes with giant tears in her eyes, it was the best moment of our lives, thank you for adding to that moment with the cute bunny box, she couldn't stop playing with it in the bedroom that night hehe, she loved it."

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