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From engagement ring box to wedding cake topper

Elephant wedding cake topper with pink rose

Last Christmas I received a very special request indeed. Robin wanted to find the perfect way to propose to his beautiful partner, Saya (I knew she was beautiful because he told me, a lot). As it was to be a Christmas proposal we thought we'd go all out and have a robin engagement ring box (well of course) with glittery white and red, and to make it extra romantic it was covered in red roses.

Well Saya said "yes" and I couldn't have been happier for them. The love they share was palpable through the way Rob talked about Saya, and his commitment to making the proposal perfect.

Bunch of flowers

A few weeks later I got the nicest surprise of my creative career when out of the blue a stunning bunch of flowers and lovely box of chocolates were delivered to my door! Rob explained that they were so pleased with the service and engagement ring box they received, gosh it even makes me blush to repeat it (yes I really can be that modest) but his words will stay with me forever;

"You’re very welcome indeed, we just wanted to let you know how much your efforts were appreciated – in all the examples of rubbish customer service I’ve had over the last few months, you were the shining light of someone who went above and beyond the call of duty!"

Early this summer Rob and Saya were back in touch to plan a wedding cake topper for their special day. They decided they'd like a pair of elephants, Saya's favourite animal.

Immediately I had an image in my head of how it could look, with the elephant couple holding a beautiful rose together in their trunks on a heart shaped base. With the aid of some (pretty terrible) sketches I relayed my idea and they both thought it would be great. We incorporated navy and fuchsia, the colours of Rob's suit, and some eyelashes and pretty flowers to make the girl elephant a little bit extra girly. The whole creation was an absolute pleasure to make and Rob and Saya were so wonderful to work with. It really was a privilege to be able to contribute towards the wedding of such a lovely couple.

I want to show my admiration for the wonderfully talented person who made and decorated the wedding cake, I'm proud to have made a cake topper that can compliment it so well. I think the overall result was stunning, but not quite as stunning as the beautiful bride, of course Rob was absolutely right about just how gorgeous Saya is, don't you agree?

Congratulations to the newly weds. I wish you both the best of luck for your future together, and thank you so much for letting me get involved, it has been really special.

Bride and groom cutting their wedding cake

Elephant with rose wedding cake topper

Elephants with roses wedding cake

Elephant wedding cake topper

(The wedding photographs were taken by Brightside Images Photography and I'd like to thank them for capturing the wedding cake decoration so beautifully.)

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