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August 2021 Newsletter - Help out your favourite wildlife charity

Loving badger ornament charity giveaway

This loving little pair of badgers want to help out a British wildlife charity or rescue and they need your help to do it.

I'm going to be giving these guys away to a wildlife charity so they can use them to raise funds, and that charity will be chosen by the public. We're asking you to come join us beneath the badger tree and tell us which wildlife charity or rescue you think deserves these guys' help.

All you need to do is pop over to the giveaway page and make your nomination. Each nomination will be given a number, then I will use a random number generator to choose the winner. The more nominations a charity gets, the better chance they have of winning, so why not spread the word on social media too.


The Tiny Smiles Club is open

Down beneath the badger tree a menagerie of tiny creatures are preparing for a journey. They want to travel far and wide, exploring the country to find people in need of smiles.

Oops, I said this was happening in June didn't I? Well, it may not be June, but the Tiny Smiles Club is finally open! So if you feel that you want a guaranteed smile to drop through your letterbox every month then come and find out more.

There is a very limited number of spaces so for the next week I shall keep the page hidden on my website and won't share on the social medias, so only you guys with the direct link will have chance to join for now.


Waiting for a wish

If you follow me on the socials you'll probably already know that I'm super excited about the project I'm currently working on. It is a celebration of the humble dandelion, often overlooked and sometimes even vilified yet such a cheery and bountiful flower, providing an early nectar source for many pollinators as well as free food for foragers of the human variety.

You can see a video of a leaf being made here on my new YouTube channel (I think at this point I'm also supposed to say don't forget to like, subscribe and hit the notification button to be alerted every time I drop a video, or something like that. I will check in with my kids to make sure I'm doing it right). There will be more vids of progress added soon. It's a biggy, with hundreds of teeny, fiddly petals, so it's taking a loooong time to finish.

It is the first in a range of more detailed sculptures, which can also be used as cake decorations, celebrating our flora, fauna and fungi. Each piece will be a unique one of a kind and will come with a certificate of authenticity signed by me, giving more information about the sculpture. I can't wait to show you more.



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