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March Newsletter 2022 - Earth's Embrace

Earth's Embrace

Sleeping badger family with velvet shank mushrooms polymer clay ornament

The wind howls wild down from the fell,

Branches creak and grasses hiss.

Sharp rain whips in dancing swirls,

Stinging with its icy kiss.

While snowdrops challenge winter's hold,

promises of longer days,

The buds sill wait to burst with green,

Caution learnt from nature's ways.

Beneath the earth we notice not,

Slumbering, our dreams roam free.

Protected by her warm embrace,

Down beneath the badger tree.

Laying in bed listening to the howling wind and the rain battering the window, I was thinking about being in the wild outside. Words started to form into something of a poem, and as the final verse came it kind of weaved an image of a sculpture in my imagination. I just had to bring it to life. You can find it, along with more pics, here.


Little Rose wants to say hello

Tiny mouse ornament peering over a mossy branch

Curious to see what the coming year will bring, the spring rose peeks through the leaf litter to bask in the intermittent rays of the thin February sunshine.

February's tiny smile bringer was little Rose. She's a bit shy, but would really like to show you her lovely primrose. If you need a little Rose in your life you can find her here. And you can become the wearer of a smile yourself every month by joining the Tiny Smiles Club.


Flowers for Mum

Tiny rat ornament with flower bonnet and a posy of tiny flowers

Fancy sending some flowers that last, or maybe a teeny wild family? I'm offering 10% off all ornaments in the Mother's Day collection here. Just use the code FLOWERSFORMUM22 at the checkout.



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