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Brave warrior ornaments in rainbow colours

Brave Warriors

Any time life blows you down with a storm that's hard to weather,


Just take my hand, brave warrior, and we'll face battle together.

Yellow brave warrior ornament

Life is hard right now and we all have battles to fight. Sometimes we need to be told that we are brave, we are fierce, we are warriors and we can fight another day. These little Brave Warriors will sit on your desk, in your pocked or hang by your heart to remind you that you've got this.


Sometimes we need our brothers and sisters in arms to stand with us and let us know they've got our back.

We can't always be there in person right now for those who need us, but a Brave Warrior will act as a token of love and support, to show them you're there even when you're not there, because we always stand stronger when we stand together.

Brave Warrior Ornaments

Brave Warrior Chokers

Brave Warrior Necklaces

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