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November Newsletter 2021 - Break the mould

Let's do things a little different this weekend

Tiny tapir ornament

Love it or loathe it, you can't escape Black Friday right now. I have decided that I'm going to engage with it, but I'm gonna do it in my own way.

Rather than give discounts on the treasures that I put much time and love into creating, I'm going to take that money and put it towards protecting the creatures that inspire my creations.

From midnight tonight until midnight on Sunday 15% from the sale of all in-stock items (everything in the shop excluding Tiny Smiles Club membership and commissions) will be donated to the WWF UK via Work for Good.


It's a kind of moley magic

Tiny mole ornament with fly agaric mushroom

This month's tiny smile bringer was Dynamo. He loves tunnelling under the fallen leaves and popping up to count the fungi. Did he pop through your letterbox this month?

If you need a Dynamo of your very own you can find him here and you can find more info about the Tiny Smiles Club here.


Time to fly

Making a fly agaric mushroom out of polymer clay

While I'm on a mushroom theme, here's a glimpse at my most recent big project, a fly agaric mushroom. You can watch it being made on my YouTube channel, along with a snail tutorial and other bits. Don't forget to Like and Subscribe so you won't miss an upload (that's what they say on the vids the kids watch at least).

Can you guess which little creatures are hoping to fly away with this mushroom?



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