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Badger engagement ring box continued - The wedding

You may remember a while ago I wrote a post about a badger engagement ring box I made for the super romantic Tom to propose to his gorgeous lady, Kat. (If you haven't seen it you can find it here. It even has a must see video of the spectacular proposal! Tom didn't do things by halves.)

Badger personalised engagement ring box

Well some time on and Tom has just been back in touch to let me know that they have uploaded their wedding video onto their website, TomKatTales, to celebrate their six month anniversary. Grab the tissues (it isn't just me that cries at weddings right?)

Isn't it just fantastic? Of course Kat looked beautiful in her lovely dress, and Tom looked very dapper indeed. The whole day just seemed like lots of fun too, so much love for these guys.

Congratulations Tom and Kat, I know the future will hold wonderful things for you both.

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