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A perfect engagement ring box collaboration

Rich got in touch last year to ask me to create a bespoke engagement ring box for his proposal to his partner, Tash. He knew just what he wanted, and even sent me a wonderful computer draw picture (was like a dream come true for me as while my sketches get the point across, they often leave a little to be desired).

Engagement ring box design

So I got creating, and we arrived at something he was really happy with. It was such a pleasure to make something so special, for somebody who was so excited and happy about the ring box and the prospect of proposing.

Rich had quite a while to wait until his proposal, planned for their anniversary, but I was over the moon when he kept me up to date with his ring choices. I do get quite attached to my custom ring box customers and I love to kept informed about how it all goes. I was even more delighted when I later got back to me with his creation.

Each year Rich and Tash make each other anniversary presents rather than buying them (which I think is the most lovely thing ever!). This year Rich's handmade gift was an exquisite maple burl engagement ring box, which was perfectly carved to fit the badger and fox engagement ring holder.

Honestly, I was lost for words with how beautiful the maple burl box was, and how fantastic it all looked together.

Rich and Tash's anniversary came about, and I was delighted to hear that she said yes!

Huge congratulations to you both. Tash, you're a lucky lady to share your life with one so caring and enthusiastic. And Rich, I know she must be such an amazing person because of the love and attention you put into making her happy. I wish you both the most wonderful forever together.



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