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Creating your own personalised engagement ring box

One of my very favourite jobs is making customised ring boxes for that perfect proposal. It is a real privilege to create something that has such an important job to do.

So I shall explain the whole designing and making process to give you an idea of how together we go about creating the perfect engagement ring box for you, your partner and your magical moment.

These proposal ring boxes feature one or more cute creatures holding a single or tiny bunch of flowers. They are made from polymer clay, with a wool felt lined ring holder, and come in a recycled-card box with a complementing ribbon.

Customised animal engagement ring box

Before we begin designing I recommend you take a peek at the engagement ring box customisation options to get an idea of the kind of things that can be done.

It usually all starts with the animal, or animals. They are probably the reason you want to propose with one of these ring boxes in the first place. If your partner has a favourite animal, pet or even a treasured soft toy then these can be recreated, in teeny tiny form, to sit in your corner when you ask that special question.

Cute tiger ornament

You may have a very specific idea of how you would like the animal or animals to look, or may just know that they love cute bunnies. If you would like a particular pet or soft toy recreating then I can work from photographs to get characteristics, colouring and markings right (the more photographs the better, especially from different angles). Detail is, of course, a bit limited as the creatures need to be less than an inch tall. And keep in mind that if you want more than one creature in the box then you will need to choose a larger 'Will You Marry Me?' ring box instead of the Classic style, and there will not be room for any text on the base.

Next come the flowers. There are some standard simple flowers to choose from, but I can also make more complex flowers if your partner has a particular favourite. I have many colours of clay, and can blend them to get just the right shades. I also have mica powders which can add a gentle shimmer to the petals.

Otter with calla lillies

Once the animal and flowers are decided, the style and colours of the base and ring holder need planning. You may already have a colour scheme in mind, or may like me to suggest something. I can send pictures of different colour combinations to be sure you get just what you want. All bases and ring holders are made from a gorgeous glittery clay and come in two styles: the smaller round, plain base of the Classic style engagement ring boxes, or the larger, square base of the 'Will You Marry Me Ring?' boxes, which can come with a twisted piping and bow detail.

Clay colour choices for you engagement ring holder

When I make the ring holder I need to have an idea of the band width of the ring. While there is some give as they are lined with thick felt, if you are going to be proposing with a wider ring (over about 3mm) then I will need to make the ring holder bigger to accommodate it. I can even make double ring holders, but again these will need to be on the larger square base and there will not be room for text on there.

Double engagement ring box

Finally we need to think about the colour of the felt lining the ring holder and the box details. While it is a good idea to have the design in mind before we begin creating, final decisions on these don't actually need to be made until the animal and base are made and cured. This means that I can send pics of your own keepsake ring holder with all the options, so you can get a real idea of how it will look once it is all put together.

Personalised engagement ring box options

You may want to have a personal message on outside of the box, or one that spans both the box and the base. For the 'Will You Marry Me?' ring boxes, as I cut the pattern for these boxes and build them myself it means I can print whatever text you like on there, to make it extra special and personal to you and your partner. Base text is limited due to the amount of space.

Personalised engagement ring box

OR, we could throw all these ideas out of the window and go for something completely different. But keep in mind that if we are deviating from the layout and dimensions of the Classic ring boxes or the 'Will You Marry Me?' ring boxes then you will have to source your own box to put the keepsake ring holder into. I shall provide removable glue dots to place on the bottom of the ring holder to keep it in place in the box. I can also advise on dimensions and whether I think your chosen box will be a suitable fit and why.

Badger and pike keepsake engagement ring holder

Once we have finalised the design I shall give you a price. In the UK this will include next weekday Special Delivery postage. Elsewhere there will be extra postage charges and, while I send tracked so that you can keep an eye on its journey, I cannot offer any guarantees about delivery times. If you are happy with the quote then I shall set up a private listing for you to purchase. This will not be visible in the shop and can only be found by following a direct link, so there is no risk of your partner accidentally stumbling upon it. I do require payment in full before I start making your ring box.

If there is no waiting list then I should have it ready to post within two weeks of payment. If you need the ring box sooner, and there is no waiting list, then I may be able to push the order through in one week at an additional charge (I won't jump anybody up the waiting list for extra payment though as I don't feel it is fair).

I always send lots of photos throughout the making process, at each stage while changes can still be made, because you will only be doing this once and I want you to have the perfect engagement ring box for the perfect proposal. Little tweaks are always expected, and I would much rather make alterations than make something that isn't perfect for you. There may also be chances to make big alterations if you change your mind about the design as you see things progress, but there may be extra charges for these changes.

Ring box making of pictures

It is really helpful if you respond quickly to any photos sent for approval, as not doing can make things take longer than expected and may delay the dispatch date.

Once you are happy with a stage then I shall cure, print, assemble or glue it and move onto the next stage. Eventually we will get to the finished pics, and if you're happy with everything then all that is left to do is pack it up and post it to you.

Your parcel will need signing for upon arrival. I am well aware that many people live with their partners, who may well answer the door to the post person. I post in a small, brown recycled-card mailing box that will have a printed address label, fragile sticker and my return address label, but no identifying business labels. If sending overseas and I need to put a a customs label on the box it will be labelled as a jewellery box. If you are in the UK then we can usually arrange a good weekday for you to receive the box and I shall pop it into the post the day before. In the UK I can also send to an alternative address, maybe work or a family member, if this will be better for you.

Finally I just ask that you let me know what you think of the ring box when it arrives, and I'm a hopeless romantic so I'd love to know how the proposal goes (and the wedding too).

Badger personalised engagement ring box

If you need an engagement ring box in a bit more of a hurry then check out the cuties I have in stock over on the Engagement Ring Boxes page in the shop. If you want to see some love stories starring some of these little guys then take a peek at these. And of course get in touch if you want to discuss your own perfect proposal.

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