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February Newsletter 2022 - Can We Fly?

Can We Fly?

Red squirrel ornament with fly agaric mushrooms made from polymer clay

We've dug the earth,

Climbed branches high,

So tell me darling,

Can we fly?

We found a fly agaric mushroom with nibble marks in and had to wonder if the creatures who ate them felt the psychoactive effects (please get in touch to tell me if you know because I still haven't found the answer). We kept our eyes peeled for a squirrel that was away with the fairies. My imagination was sparked and here is the outcome.


Hearts and flowers

Tiny polar bear ornament holding a glittery red heart

Valentine's Day is on its way. Everything I do here is about spreading love and smiles so I would like to help you do that too.

I'm offering a 10% discount on any item featuring hearts or flowers for the next week using the code HEARTSANDFLOWERS at the checkout (ends at midnight on the 10th of Feb 2022).


The Earth, Air and Art Fair

Mouse on a vine with a blackberry flower vector graphic

The Earth, Air and Art Fair for the Save Me Trust will be happening again this spring. Contributor applications are now open so if you're a wildlife artist, photographer or expert and would like to get involved you can find info here.

Last November we raised £128.25 for the charity from our sales to help them with their valuable work protecting the creatures we love and the habitats they depend upon. We're hoping to smash that this time.



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