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Sleeping badger family ornament with velevet shank mushrooms

A delightful British wildlife gift

Caring about the animals we walk this land with can be hard at times so I want to make tiny wild things that connect with the tiny wild child inside you. The part of you that wants to run down the fells, floating on the wild, howling wind. That wants to climb the inviting tree with the low hanging branches and peer down the holes between its roots in the hope of hearing a snuffle or squeak. The part of you that just feels pure wonder in the beauty of nature.


Whether it's a necklace or an ornament, bookmark or engagement ring box, each tiny creature has a character of its own and uses my fingertips to help bring it to life so it can share its joy and bring a smile. These little guys are a reminder of why we love the wildlife we share this Earth with. They can be packaged in lovely recycled gift boxes so come ready for giving. And with donations made to wildlife charities from some sales, these little fellas help to protect our beautiful British wildlife too.

She sits, crouched, without even

socks on her tiny feet.


She is as still and quiet as her

young self can be.

If she moves it might startle,

if she speaks it may leave.


But slowly, cautiously, the red squirrel

comes and takes the nut gently from her

outreaching fingers.


Decades later she still cherishes

the memory of

that most precious moment.

Red squirrel necklace

Welcome to the tiny wild world Beneath the Badger Tree

There is this beautiful old oak tree who guards over our local badger sett. We call him Badger Tree and there is a whole world of wonder living beneath him.


He is a giver of sanctuary and wisdom, and his refuge is our favourite place to hang out and just be. He has been bent by the years so his arms touch down to root back into the earth, keeping him stable and strong, and giving us a place to sit and rest while we listen to his tales. Through the rustle of his leaves and the warmth of his rough bark he quietly talks of the changing seasons, the shifting soils and the generations of creatures he has provided for.


Are you ready to join me in exploring the wonderful wild world beneath the badger tree?

'This lady is just amazing, cannot fault her helpfulness or skill in her creations. Absolutely recommend her.'


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