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October Newsletter - The Earth, Air and Art Fair

The Earth, Air and Art Fair for the Save Me Trust

Fox in leaves Earth, Air and Art Fair graphic

A bunch of us wildlife artists are getting together this November for an exciting and interactive weekend full of arts and crafts inspired by wildlife and the natural world.

The fair will run all weekend from 12pm on Friday the 12th November, when the artists will share their wares for you to browse. Then throughout Saturday and Sunday there will be fun insights, demos and tutorials you can craft along with at home, along with exciting stuff from some wildlife experts too.

We all want to protect our wonderful wildlife as well as celebrate it with our art, so 10% from all sales throughout the weekend will be donated to the Save Me Trust to help them fight for a brighter future for nature.

The fair will run on Facebook, in the discussion of the Earth, Air and Art Fair event page. Please check it out, and if you register as "interested" or "going" you can receive notifications when we post so you won't miss a thing. We're looking forward to seeing you there.


Trick or treat

Tiny rat with a witch's hat with a cauldron

”Eye of a newt, wing of a bat, leg of a frog, tail of a… Erm, Mary should we just have the veggie soup tonight?”

There is time to adopt this little witchy rat in a hat in time for Halloween, she is looking for a loving forever home and maybe some wholesome food too. You can find her along with some other ratty goodies here.


Squish and Squash

Tiny polymer clay ornament with weasels on a pumpkin

The tiny smile bringers for October are Squish and Squash, and they love chasing each other's tails and playing hide and seek in the pumpkin patch.

Did they come and visit you? There is still a bit of room in the club, so if you want a guaranteed smile every month you can find more info here.



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