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September Newsletter - Fundraising for Folly and other news

Folly Wildlife Rescue's online auction

Badgers with heart wedding cake topper

Thank you for everybody who nominated a wildlife charity to win these loving badgers. The winning charity was Folly Wildlife Rescue. They are now available to bid on in Folly's online auction, closing at 7pm on Friday the 24th September. You can find them here if you fancy bidding on them, and while you're there why not have a browse around and see if there is anything else you fancy. Every penny spent will help them to continue their wonderful work.


This is why it's taking so long

Polymer clay dandelion ornament

I have finally finished the dandelion, after making what must be hundreds of tiny petals (I didn't count, but kinda wish I had) and spending many, many hours doing fiddly construction.

You can see further making of videos on my YouTube channel. Don't worry, they are sped up and I've trimmed quite a bit out, so you won't have to spend as many hours watching as I did making (and don't forget to subscribe and turn on notifications if you want to be kept updated with any new videos I upload).

There will be a pair of tiny animals sat at its base waiting for a wish, but I'm struggling to decide between badgers and mice so I've had to make both then I can choose my fave. Keep a watch out on the socials then you can give your opinion too.


Red Squirrel Awareness Week

Red squirrel with an oxeye daisy tiny polymer clay ornament

This week is Red Squirrel Awareness Week (20th - 26th September) so I get to do one of my fave things and talk about red squirrels all week.

Did you know that red squirrels eat flowers? Did you know that pine martens (an arboreal predator) may actually be really helpful in red squirrel conservation, because they are great at controlling grey squirrels? Did you know that squirrels lose their nuts and in doing so help to plant forests? Did you know that they can eat mushrooms that are poisonous to humans, without ill effects?

All of these things I do know. What I would love to know is whether they are affected by the psychoactive chemicals in some of these mushrooms. When we stopped in Whinfell Forest a few years ago we found a fly agaric with nibble marks in and were looking out for a hallucinating squirrel. So, if you do know that please do get back to me to let me know. Either way, that find is inspiring a new creation so watch this space.


Want to join the club?

Tiny badger with poppy polymer clay ornament

This month's tiny smile bringer was Hawthorn, and he likes morning walks in the meadows.

There is still space for a few more members in the Tiny Smiles Club, so if you want a smile bringer to drop through your letter box then come and join us.

If you don't want the monthly commitment but do want a Hawthorn of your very own you can find him for a one off purchase here.



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